Ice Cream Variegator

Holland Ice Cream Variegator
Other common names: Ice Cream Rippler, Ice Cream Spinner, Ice Cream Swirler

Purpose of the Variegator:
The purpose of the ice cream variegator is to swirl flavors of ice creams or purees in to a base ice cream.  Using the photograph as an example, the base ice cream is vanilla with a strawberry ice cream swirled into it.  This example was done with a single flavor model.  Small pieces of solids such as fruits, nuts and candies may be introduced into the base ice cream prior to the variegator.  The Holland variegator is also available as a two flavor model, with this model you have the ability to swirl two different flavors into a base ice cream.  Custom designs are available to meet your specific needs.

Typical Installation:
A typical installation would place the ice cream variegator directly above and as close as possible to the ice cream filling machine’s filling nozzle.  The longer the line between the variegator and the fill nozzle the greater the chance of undesirable effects on the pattern.  The use of elbows and bends in the line from the variegator to the fill nozzle is not advised.

Above is shown a model AT2F-2 Holland Variegator.  It has an air motor drive and sanitary clamp connections.  The top two connections are 1 ½” flavor inlets.  The connection directly below these is a 2” base ice cream inlet.  The bottom connection is a 2” variegated ice cream outlet port.

Materials of Construction:
Product wetted materials of construction are type 304 stainless steel, Delrin and Buna.  Stainless steel parts are gas backed welded and polished to a #4 satin finish.  Other items are constructed of their normally available materials.

The ice cream variegator is not designed to be cleaned in place.  It must be taken apart and cleaned manually.


Variegator Specs & Instruction Manuals